Makes 1 serving

Basic yet rich, caffè affogato is a scoop or two of gelato or frozen yogurt with coffee poured over the top. Is it a beverage or a sweet? That relies upon whether you eat the gelato with a spoon while it is still semifrozen or you have given it a chance to soften to enhance the espresso. I make this frequently for the least demanding of after-supper treats, as it consolidates dessert with a postprandial drink. A steaming shot of genuine coffee (that is, from an electric machine) is customary, however, I discover it liquefies the gelato too immediately when making more than one serving. My inclination is to blend the espresso in a Moka pot, at that point let it cool to lukewarm before serving, at that point pour the espresso over the gelato at the table so it tends to be served right away.

  • 2 scoops vanilla gelato or frozen yogurt (see Note)
  • 2 ounces blended coffee or Italian-or French-cook espresso arranged in a Moka pot (“A Coffee Primer”), cooled to lukewarm

Put the gelato in a heatproof glass or bowl. Pour the espresso over the gelato and serve right away.

NOTE: Vanilla and espresso are old companions, yet different kinds of gelato function admirably, as well. Attempt chocolate or dulce de leche.


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