How To Make Sugar Syrup


Makes about ¾ cup

Granulated sugar will adamantly decline to break up in frosted beverages. Superfine sugar (likewise called barkeeps’ sugar) will promptly disseminate, yet is anything but a standard kitchen thing. The arrangement no play on words proposed is sugar syrup, which is anything but difficult to get ready and can be put away for a month or two in the cooler. This likewise passes by the names “straightforward syrup” and “bar syrup.”

  • ½ cup granulated sugar (brown sugar or palm sugar)
  1. Heat the sugar and ½ cup water to the point of boiling in a little pan over high heat, mixing to break up the sugar. At the point when the syrup is bubbling, quit blending and diminish the warmth to medium. Cook for 1 moment. Remove from the warmth and let cool.
  2. Fill a glass container and spread. Refrigerate until prepared to utilize. (The syrup can be refrigerated for as long as 2 months.) Use as sugar in cold or hot beverages.


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