Makes 2 servings

What the remainder of the nation calls a milkshake, New Englanders call a frappe. (Note that it’s anything but a frappé, the French expression for a foamy beverage, and the Greek name for their most loved frosted espresso made with sweet moment espresso is shaken until frothy and presented with a buoy of dissipated milk.) Frappes are regularly made with espresso syrup, yet you can get a significantly increasingly refined flavor with coffee or Moka-blended Italian dish espresso. Add sugar to the blender and improve to taste, on the off chance that you wish, however, this formula is sweet enough for me.

  • 4 scoops (about 1½ cups) vanilla frozen yogurt
  • ¼ mug fermented coffee or Italian-broil espresso arranged in a Moka pot (“A Coffee Groundwork”), cold
  • ½ cup entire milk, as required
Chocolate frappe coffee with marshmallows and syrup in a Mason

Consolidate the frozen yogurt and coffee in a blender. Turn the machine on and add enough milk to give the beverage the ideal thickness. Partition the frappe similarly into two tall glasses and serve right away.

MOCHA FRAPPE Pour 1 tablespoon chocolate syrup into each glass. Utilize a since quite a while ago dealt with a spoon to spread the syrup up the sides of each glass. Pour in the espresso frappe and serve right away.


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